Reasons For Daisy Responsible For Gatsby's Downfall

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From a very young age, it can be said that Jay Gatsby’s life is driven by ambition. Gatsby would set a goal and achieve it. Growing up, his family did not have much. Gatsby did not want this for himself. As soon as Gatsby could leave the poor life his family lead, he did. His goal was to make a fortune and live happily ever after; until he met Daisy Buchanan. His life would never be the same. I believe Daisy Buchanan is to blame for Gatsby’s downfall. Gatsby and Daisy met many years ago. Gatsby and the other officers were staying at her family’s house during the war (Fitzgerald 148). They began seeing each other regularly until Gatsby had to leave to go fight in the war. While he was gone, Daisy continued seeing other guys. I believe this is …show more content…

Gatsby focused the rest of his life on trying to win Daisy back. Gatsby was adamant about Daisy telling Tom she did not love him. “It doesn't matter any more. Just tell him the truth that you never loved him and it's all wiped out forever,” (Fitzgerald 132). Daisy may not love Tom at the moment, but she says that Crague 2 she did love him at one point and she would be lying if she said she did not (Fitzgerald 132133). This news wrecks Gatsby’s world. Gatsby has had this vision of getting Daisy back for so long. He can not get the vision of her out of his mind. Gatsby loves Daisy so much that he would protect her when she ran over Myrtle. Instead of letting Daisy get in trouble, Gatsby takes the blame. “‘Was Daisy driving?’ ‘Yes,’ he said after a moment, ‘but of course I’ll say I was.’” Gatsby is not able to see that people like Daisy and Tom can not take responsibility for their actions. Gatsby's state of mind is deteriorating by the minute . He has a hard time opening his eyes to the reality that Daisy is not going to leave Tom. The only thing on Gatsby's mind is trying to win Daisy, even if that means getting killed. Gatsby was obsessed with planning everything to make sure it was perfect

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