Rebellion In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a well-known play written by William Shakespeare. Even though it is famous for being a love story, Shakespeare demonstrates that rebellion is closely tied together either it through the characters: Juliet, Romeo and Tybalt. By defying their families, authority and society's expectations, they set in motion the events in this tragedy. Romeo’s rebellion against society's expectations and his own family, the Montagues, is because of his love. His love of Rosaline is his first demonstration of defiance. This goes against the family feud as Montagues and Capulets are supposed to hate each other. His love of Rosaline motivates him to trespass on Capulet property where he meets his next love, Juliet Capulet. Even though he is …show more content…

(I, v, l.140-141). She decides her love is more importnat than her family and muses to Romeo, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”( II, ii, l. 34-36) She still pursues and has intentions to continue her relationship as she says "this bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet."( II, ii, l. 121-122) She even agrees to get married to Romeo the very next day. Juliet’s rebellious streak is yet again evident when she says she will not marry Paris. In the patriarchal society that she lives in, she is expected to obey her father's . When Juliet says that Paris "shall not make me there a joyful bride". (III, v, l. 117) Her father, enraged by disobdience, says "An you be mine, I’ll give you to my friend.An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets,For, by my soul, I’ll ne'er acknowledge thee...” (III, v, l. 193-196) By rebelling against her father, her mum immediately her. Even the Nurse who previously encouraged the romance between Juliet and Romeo, changes her mind and says she should marry Paris. Juliet's rebellion has serious repercussions which leads her to commit suicde over her …show more content…

These two themes kspecifically of Romeo, Tybalt and Juliet. Their defiance of society’s standards, their own family and authority is what leads to their

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