Reconstruction Failure

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Over the ages racism has been a constant matter in the United States of America, notably during Reconstruction. For the time being, this specific stage had a considerable impact on the country because it was known as the effort to give African Americans a voice, as well as reunify the nation after the tragic civil war. Although laws and compromises were put in place to pave a pathway to a better life for freedmen, they were ineffective. The Ku Klux Klan became known and African Americans lived in a constant state of fear, praying to escape from violence and murder. More than that, there were consecutive failures involved with reconstruction, including the limited necessities freedmen and women were supplied with and the black codes that were…show more content…
Truthfully, it was a complete failure. The nation came to compromises on matters such as education and the economy, but in a bigger picture, racism was still an enormous and unacceptable issue. Since slavery was abolished, African Americans attained a more unfair version of freedom. They needed to make an income, find shelter, and gain experience in the world, so many freed slaves became sharecroppers. Sharecroppers farmed on land they rented from a landlord, in exchange for a share of the crop they produced. Because sharecroppers needed to borrow money for necessities, like tools and food, they seldom were able to make or save any money. Some sharecroppers were still considered slaves and worked for their former owners. Sharecroppers were living proof of the unsuccessfulness of Reconstruction because not much had changed from pre Civil War times. In addition, African Americans were not only struggling to make a living, but were unsupported and discriminated against. Mr. Hiram Revels, the colored Senator from Mississippi, was sworn in and admitted to his seat on February 25, 1870. Mr. Vickers, of Maryland, opened the debate, arguing against admission, that Revels had not been a citizen for nine years and was not eligible. How was the era of Reconstruction fair if they still weren’t treated equally? Indeed after the war, the Jim Crow Laws were endorsed in various states from 1875-1900s. In detail, the regulations…show more content…
Reconstruction was an ineffective attempt to make the nation content and equal. Racism was a gigantic problem in the 1800’s and still is today, yet in a less significant manner. Because slavery existed and Southerners supported it to such an extent, it became difficult for the Union to create equality for all of America. Even today Americans strongly suggest racism is still a relevant concern. An NBC News poll found 52% of Americans believe racism against black people is an "extremely" or "very" serious problem. An additional 25% said the issue is "somewhat" of a problem. Policies such as The Black Codes affected America and is part of the logic that reconstruction led to discrimination between Americans. Not only do citizens believe that racism against black people still exists, but exists within hate speeches and crimes too. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered a joint investigation after someone painted a dugout wall in Wellsville, about 80 miles southeast of Buffalo. The message: A swastika, surrounded by the words, “Make America White Again.” After Donald Trump was elected, hate crimes have increased all over the nation. Racism is a clear issue that dates back farther than the Reconstruction era. The Ku Klux Klan was famously known for hate crimes and has influenced them even to this day. The relationship between Reconstruction and today’s society intertwines with the subject of
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