Recreational Sports Persuasive Essay

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Concussions, head injuries, and hard hits. When we hear these words we usually refer to football and the amount of injuries it can cause. Football is a loved and popular sport played all around America, but what people don’t see about this is that how many teens, kids, or even adults get injured each year. I feel that all of these scenarios can lead up to many deaths,and dysfunctions in the body which, causes me to feel that recreational sports should not be allowed because of all the possible damage that can be caused to people. In Source A “Hard Knocks” it states, “NFL acknowledged publicly for the first time that concussions suffered while playing football can lead to long-term negative health effects. Last year, the NFL revealed that it expects nearly a third of retired players to develop permanent brain impairments.” This is very crucial to the reason why I feel that getting rid of recreational sports is a good solution to the problems that it is causing because the National Football League is saying that concussions can lead to head problems and also brain problems in the long term. This is important because it shows us that players are getting hurt very frequently and that if this continues there will be a massive number of people with brain …show more content…

At first this viewpoint might seem convincing but, what it fails to consider is that all this new technology can’t do everything. If a football player comes charging and full speed towards someone's head, that technology will reduce some of the impact but not all of it, which is still lethal enough to cause concussions and other major injuries. We see it all around America, even with all this new technology, people are still getting concussions and injuries. This is why I am with getting rid of all of these dangerous

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