Rhetorical Analysis Of Apple And Pixar

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The speaker of the article was the CEO of Apple and Pixar. Hie name is steve jobs who was talking about his speech. THe speech was a biographical since he wanted to tell the student stories of his life. This stories were told to the student there were graduating from the University of stanford. He himself though did not finish college because he did not have the passion in the classes he was taking. He drop out school and took classes that will interest him. He had to the kids that they should find a job that they love or are passionate to do. He use facts to show that anyone can be affected by what they do. He gave a inspiring tone to his speech. He wanted the student to know that time will be tough but to never give up of what you love. …show more content…

He gave many emotional feeling in his speech. He says, “The doctor told me this was almost certainly a type of cancer that is incurable.” He gave the student emotional thought that he will probably die and will not accomplish his dream of what he wanted to do. He also said, “ Because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure…” This shows that feeling and expectation can affect your decisions. He explains to them that emotion might be a tool of helping us make better decisions. Death makes your mind clear and let you see what can be improve. He explains, “ It clears out the old to make way for the new.’’ I believe that is true because Death takes all of you old ideas and make new one that are within you life

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