Rhetorical Analysis Of I Have Sinned By Bill Clinton

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Speeches have been a main staple of political rhetoric that goes has been America’s history. There have been memorable speeches from passionate citizens such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Sojourner Truth, and many speeches from our past presidents that have influenced America today. One such speech was given by President Bill Clinton when he addressed the American public on September 11 in 1998 to answer for a moral scandal that took place in the nation’s capital that involved himself and Monica Lewinsky, an intern working at the White House. When called to speak about the internal affair at the White house Clinton gave a memorable speech in which he used clever and strategic language to illicit certain feelings and actions from his unhappy crowd. His mastery of language and his understanding of the people he was speaking to comes through in one intentional speech. It is here that we see how Bill Clinton used the very language we rely on to try to manipulate the listeners to draw the conclusions that were most beneficial to him; regardless of the legitimacy of those conclusions. In the beginning of Bill Clinton’s speech he introduces his wife, Hillary Clinton, and the vice …show more content…

How we think and feel during a speech is often the result of the words a speaker uses and the tone they take. Clinton’s speech had a very specific goal of showing the audience that he was humble and sorrowful, and garner sympathy and forgiveness so that the president could continue holding his status. Clinton used many techniques and his own charisma and personality to drive the speech to be as influential, and be as memorable, as it is. Its masterful use of language and the careful presentation created a lasting impression that Americans today can reference when discerning what is really being said when a politicians

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