Rhetorical Devices In Just Walk On By

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Society in today’s world is very alike to society years ago, with different social classes and stereotypes. In “Just walk on by” by Brent staples, a variety of rhetorical devices are used in order to convey the message of how a black man is trying to show society that he is so much more than the color of his skin. The author explains how the character was characterized as violent and dangerous because he was black. Staples continues on a sort of journey with the character to show how he overcomes that stereotype, by whistling classical music to give the idea that he is mature and less threatening. Throughout the piece, Staples uses devices that will help the reader better understand the struggles that the character has to face on a daily basis.
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The main character continuously faults himself for the way that others treat him . When the character is treated as though he is as bad as a rapist he feels “ embarrassed, and dismayed..” (542), when he has done nothing wrong to get this kind of treatment ,and he is only being judged by his race. Staples uses diction and syntax to make it sound as if the character believes that it’s his fault that he is stereotyped. This emotional appeal grabs the audience’s attention and their sympathy. Self blame isn’t the only emotion that staples uses, but he also shows anger in his writing. For example the author explains how the character does get mad at the way that others treat him which is shown when staples says “ over the years, i learned to smother the rage i felt…” showing how the main character has learned how to obtain his anger. Also Staples shows how he gets scared, this is shown when he writes “ Being perceived as dangerous is a hazard in itself” Staples shows how he knows that he can be in danger when he is perceived as dangerous to

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