Rhetorical Precis For The Real Macbeth

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Rhetorical Précis Mitch Tuchman in the article, The Real Macbeth, explains that Shakespeare's Macbeth and the people in Shakespeares play Macbeth weren’t actually anything like the real people of that time. This is described in the article by giving examples of how Shakespeare said Macbeth was and then how Macbeth actually was. Tuchman supports his claim by stating the history of what had happened at that time. First the author describes how Shakespeare described Macbeth in his play. Shakespeare described Macbeth as “courageous yet irresolute, ambitious yet gullible, violent yet not unremorseful man” and Shakespeares Duncan was described as “a vernerable monarch”. Then Tuchman describes what Shakespeare wrote about what Macbeth did in the play

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