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In the story “Sagittarius” by Greg Hrbek, there are descriptive phrases that set the mood. They are important because they give the reader an explanation of what's going on with the characters. They're also important because it gives a specific perspective to the reader and helps their imagination. The story is about a family that deals with a deformed child with four legs.The section of the story that stood out to me the most is when the father comes home to his son standing, even with his condition because it gives you the dad's opinion about his son,what his problem is, and it makes you feel a certain way about the character.
On page eight of “Sagittarius” is about the father, the mother and the two children. Martin comes home and his …show more content…

This phrase helps the reader imagine how he feels and the look on his face. It works well in the section because it changes the mood from excited and happy to disappointed and negative. The reader can only imagine the confusion Isabel had when she saw her husbands face. It leaves the reader wondering how are the kids in this part? Do they understand what is going on?
Martin also calls Sebastian a “creature in a playpen,” in this scene, as if he's a monster or some sort of extraterrestrial being. It feels as if Martin disowned his own child for standing. It enrages the reader because Sebastian is Martin's flesh and blood how could he say something so horrid. This poor innocent baby who doesn't know, that his dad just thinks of him as a thing not his son. It changes the reread perspective of Martin making him the bad guy of the story. Another phrase is “ you just wish he'd go away…. Not half of him all of him,” when Isabel shouts this at Martin, it makes the reader feel sad about how Martin thinks of his son as a burden. Isabel is crying at this point and Martin is leaving the room trying to avoid her. As they argued about Sebastian the scene goes towards the kids. Did they hear Isabel? It also makes the reader think maybe Kaden opened the back door because his dad wanted his brother

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