Salem Witch Trials Dbq Essay

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What Caused The Salem Witch Trials?
As we were sitting in the courtroom I could feel everyone staring at me like a was a serial killer about to be put away for life. However, what I was about to endure was much worse than that I was about to be hung for being a witch the worst crime to be accused of. As we were sitting there all I could think about was the 19 before me to be hung because of being accused of being witches and I was about to be next to die a cruel cold death.
The Salem Witch Trials took place in Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. During the Trials 20 people were put to death and more than 200 accused for practicing witchcraft. Among those accused were Abigail Williams and Anna Putnam who just experienced fits or uncontrollable …show more content…

N). Also it says that the Putnam farm had large amounts of the plant and two of the afflicted girls lived on his property (Doc. N). This is how the plant could have caused the girls to get accused of being a witch because they were around the plant so much that they developed symptoms from the plant. Another reason why the plant had the history of plant and the Putnam’s land was located in the contamination zone as stated in(Doc. N). Which could have led to the two girls being accused. This is how the plant can be related to The Salem Witch Trials and the …show more content…

This is shown by most of the accused were over the age of 40 and married while most of the accusers were women under the age of 20 and single as stated in (Doc. E). Also the teen girls would frame the older women such as acting afflicted while a women they wanted to accuse was around by acting strange and copying her. This is shown “As soon as she came near, all(afflicted girls) fell into fit…”Then she turned up her eyes, and the eyes of the afflicted were turned up.”(Doc.F). This shows that the teen girls started to act strange while the accused Bridget Bishop came over they all freaked out. This could be to show that she was a witch and they should hang her because they all freaked out to show everyone that she was a witch while they were only

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