Salem Witch Trials: Impact On The History And Legal System

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Did you know that twenty-four people dided in the Salem Witch Trials? Most were hung but some died in jail. The trials took place in the year sixteen ninty-three. It is told that the trials began after some girls in the community started acting different. The community thought they were the victims of withchcraft because of these events our nation was changed. The Salem Witch Trials had a huge impact on the history and legal system of our country. There are many reasons why this happened then and why it can happen now and they are the suspicion of others, who you trust, ignorance of people, beliefs of people, human nature, and community turning on its self. To start off the people of Salem Massachusetts were suspicous of anything out …show more content…

Why did people trust what they said? True they were fellow people of the community who had been know for some time but the people who also said they were innocent were killed. Why were the girls trusted more than those they accused? Stephen King once said, "The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool." The towns people were "innocent" while the girls who lied used them as a tool. In todays time and age we have a legal system that states, people are innocent until proven guilty. This law is very good because then favortism isn't used in deciding someones …show more content…

We have to work to be better. Man is no better than a beast until he chooses to be better. In Salem the human nature of the people were different than in todays world. These people didn't know how to explain strange things happening around them so they accused those around them of doing them and in doing this they condemed their neighbors and friends. In todays time and age this still happens but not as much because human nature is still the same but we have found ways of explaining things out of the ordinary without accusing each

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