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Samuel Bellamy was a famous pirate also known as Black Bellamy. He was born on February 23 1986. He went to sea at an early age and became a sailor in the Royal Navy while still a teenager. During his service with the Royal Navy,Samuel Bellamy saw action in several battles. Samuel Bellamy became the wealthiest pirate in history not because of selfish needs but because of anger at the English system that used poor country boys and sailors like him. Bellamy and his crew captured 53 ships before he died in a shipwreck at 28. He was called Black Sam because he avoided the fashion for powdered wigs and wore his black hair tied with a black satin bow. He was tidy and polite, dressed in fancy clothes and always wore four shiny pistols in his sash. He left his wife and family behind in a town near Canterbury to sail the seas once more, as many brave pirates before him. Bellamy was elected as captain when Hornigold was deposed.He proved to be a most successful pirate mainly in …show more content…

One of the pirates grabbed an ax and began chopping away. After two of the three masts fell, the pirates and the captive crew all huddled together in desperation to hear one of the literate men on the ship The pirates and sailors on the Mary Anne were relieved when daybreak arrived. The ship ran a ground on a small island south of Eastham, and it being low tide they could actually jump down from the ship onto dry ground. The pirates picked up at the point where they were so rudely interrupted by continuing to drink down the wine that survived the storm. Samuel Bellamy died on April 26,1717 His fleet was hit by an intense storm, completely capsizing and destroying his ship, the Whydah. Two men survived this tragedy, one disappeared in history, while the other, Thomas Davis, lived on to pass down the hard account of the shipwreck to Cape Cod

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