San Francisco De Young Museum Analysis

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Visiting the San Francisco De Young museum is an interesting sight to anyone because the main attractions are structured artworks, paintings, sculptures, and photos that give visitors a feeling for the ancient time periods. The museum has two floors where visitors are allowed to access. The first floor is mainly interesting paintings and photographs. Not all of the paintings are understandable. Some of the interesting paintings are simple as two large white boards and a blue frame around the white boards hanging on the wall. This interesting artwork is an extreme abstract artwork. The second floor consists fancy ceramics and sculptures from ancient time of the Native Americans, Africa, and France. The second floor is always dim lighted, but each artwork is well placed in a transparent box and a light focused on the artwork. Walking down the hallway on the first floor along with these interesting water paintings relaxes viewers. Colorful ceramics, detail paintings, meaningful sculptures, interesting architectural wires, and fascinating photos. These …show more content…

Such as ladies in red velvet dresses with white laced gloves, holding fancy, curved glasses of wine shipped in from another country. Men dressed in bow ties and suits with polished leather shoes. Also photo showed the clear structure of the building. Straight architectural lines shows power, patterns on the building are interesting decorations that drag’s the visitors eye sight. Streetlights by the lake are like stars in the night sky. The building is amazingly taken by having a reflection of the lake. Streetlights are reflected on the surface of the lake like stars floating on the lake. Everything is perfectly fit together. In the mean while, where the perfect moment comes, the light shots out from behind the building like stage lights that shoot outwards into the night skies, and it leads the photo to

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