Schizophrenia Informative Speech

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When you think of schizophrenia, what do you think? Do you think of poor souls who can’t control themselves? Do you think of individuals who has fits where they talk to themselves, who might be dangerous, or deranged individuals who should really figure out how to stay on their medication? Often, we look at those with any form of a disorder as a genetic fail, as a mistake; and we pray for their poor souls and encourage them that they will be “whole” when they get to heaven. They just need to wait until then, till their death to be accepted, normal and even then it will only be because they have been healed from their malfunctioning selves. Yet, I do not think that is how we are meant to see individuals with any “disorder”. The actual definition of schizophrenia is “a disorder that falls within one of the five domains: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking …show more content…

In 1796 individuals with mental illness were in unheated, damp cells in ithe basements of hospitals where they slept on straw and kept in chains (Whitaker,). Out of sight out of mind has been America’s stance on those with schizophrenia or other mental abnormalities. Often viewed as animals by the early doctors and society they were often beat and starved. “A near-starvation diet was another recommendation for robbing the madman of his strength. The various remedies-bleeding, purging, emetics and nausea-inducing agents-were also said to be therapuetic…because of they induced pain” (Whitaker, p. 26). The early remedies for helping those with schizophrenia are so disturbing that I will not go into too much depth; just know that drilling holes in the skull, burning and posion just touch the surface.By the mid 1800s medicine had improved and America cared about moral treatment. “Doctors now used mild cathartics, bloodletting on occasion, and various drugs-most notably morphine and opium-to sedate patients” (Whitaker, p.

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