Second Amendment Means

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What Does the 2nd Amendment Mean to You? When asked what the second amendment is, one would normally answer “the right to bear arms”, which is true. This right is guaranteed to U.S. Citizens under our Constitution. Due to recent events and circumstances, this freedom and right that has been granted is now threatened by those who feel that it is too “dangerous” to protect yourself. Being that I myself nor any of my family owns a firearm, one might speculate that we do not feel the need for protection. However, that is quite the contrary. Even though we do not have any firearms in our household or on our property, my family and I wholeheartedly support the second amendment and the right we are given by the U.S. Constitution. My father …show more content…

In fact, it may actually prove to be counterproductive. If someone has the intention of shooting another person or hurting as many people as possible, they know that no one will stand against them because they are in an area where firearms are not allowed to be carried. Who’s to stop them? However, if that person who wanted to hurt someone knew that there was a chance that they could get hurt because it was allowed for other firearms to be carried, they might think twice before committing any acts of violence. The second amendment allows me to feel safe where I am because I know that if someone is around me who wants to hurt me, I am allowed the right to be able to protect myself. In school now we practice A.L.I.C.E. drills, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. We have to practice escaping our school building in case a shooter enters our school. I live in a small town in Iowa. I’ll graduate with eighty kids in my class. But because there are bad people in the world, we have to practice escaping in case someone doesn’t think we deserve the chance to live. When we have these drills, I don’t feel safe. Even though they are just simulations and there is no real threat to us, there is still a sense of panic and urgency within me. We have no mode of defense. I would feel much safer, not completely at ease, if I knew that a responsible adult or adults were able to protect me and my classmates if someone ever wanted to do harm. To me the second amendment means having the sense of safety when I go to school or leave my

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