Separatism In Canada

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Throughout Canadian history many times have the citizens been against the federal government. However, none of them have been as strong as separatism. Canada’s relations with Québec was especially unstable. Signs of separatism were on the rise during the 1960s and despite of the government 's attempts to cool it down, it continued to rise. Separatism in Canada became the most influential through the Front de Libération du Québec, the Constitution Act of 1982, and the Meech Lake Accord. Separatism in Canada came to be the most influential in Québec through the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ). The FLQ were notorious for their violent protests, especially through bombings. Their targets ranged from English-Canadians living in Québec to anyone …show more content…

Another sign of separatism in Québec was the Meech Lake Accord. In response to Québec’s rejection to sign Constitution in 1981, prime minister Brian Mulroney attempted to win Québec’s consent to revise the Constitution (Gall, Meech Lake). At first a success, the Meech Lake Accord in 1987, promised Québec to be recognized as a “distinctive society”. The Accord also amended the Constitution to allow for provincial vetoes (Gall, Meech Lake). However, the Accord was not passed because one member in Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador did not consent to the Accord. Manitoba’s Elijah Harper did not consent and Newfoundland’s premier, Clyde Wells was dissatisfied (Gall, Meech Lake). Once again, Québec felt betrayed by the English politicians. In 1990, driven by anger that the provincial consensus was a failure, Lucien Bouchard of the Conservative Party leaves the government and forms the Bloc Québecois, a federal separatist party (Gall, Meech …show more content…

Separatism was the strongest in Québec because the English politicians in the federal government could not cater to what Québec wanted. At times where Québec agrees with other political parties, there would always be something that goes wrong. Increasing the separatism in Québec.

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