Serial Killers: Manson, Manson And H. Holmes

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Many of the most prolific serial killers in American history share indistinguishable characteristics. Some of these attributes are narcissism, charm, arrogance and more. Infamous serial killers like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and H. H. Holmes depict these characteristics and are notorious for their charming aura. Using their charm to lure victims and to fly under law enforcement's radar. Bundy, Manson, and Holmes personality’s and M.O’s coincides with one another, as many serial killers do. These monstrous men are some of the most renowned serial killers of all time. Do to the heinous murders they have committed, the way in which they performed these vile acts, and the manner in which they think.
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Holmes was one of America's first serial killers, also known as “King of the Murder Castle”. Holmes was remarkably charming, and “unusually intelligent at an early age” ( Editors, 2017). Holmes charm and intellect were key components to his murders and fraud throughout his life. He quickly became intrigued by medicine, which allegedly led him to practice surgery on animals. Many rumors indicate that Holmes could have been responsible for the death of one of his friends ( Editors, 2017). Holmes then goes on to attend medical school at the University of Michigan in 1882 and thus began his life as a con artist ( Editors, 2017). Holmes exceptional charm was the reason he continuously got away with his fraud. During medical school Holmes reportedly stole dead bodies and used them to fabricate insurance claims, and racked up credit card debit as a traveling book salesmen ( Editors, 2017). Holmes then uses his charm to secure a job at a drug store in Chicago, later turning the three story building across the street into a hotel. The hotel; now known as the “Murder Castle” was mostly occupied by women for Holmes to pray on, some becoming his wife before they mysteriously go missing ( Editors, 2017). As people began to catch on to Holmes, he leaves Chicago and is eventually apprehended and sentenced to death in 1896. The “Murder Castle” claimed the lives of many, although like Bundy, Holmes victims count is unknown ( Editors,

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