Settling In Charles Town Essay

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harles-Town Issues Settling in Charles-Town was difficult. It was difficult to settle because of the geography, resources, and diseases. The greatness of a new colony depended upon friendly relations with Native Americans. American tribes relationships with natives and other tribes would become tense during a lot of occasions. They began trading their resources with other tribes. Why was settling in Charles-Town difficult ? Settling is when you adapt into a different lifestyle in a different location. Charles-Town was difficult to settle because of the geography , resource, and diseases. Charles-Town was difficult to settle because of the geography. According to “Document A” there were many obstacles that a cartographer encountered such …show more content…

One major disease was small pox. Smallpox, an acute contagious viral disease, with fever and pustules usually leaving permanent scars. It was effectively eradicated through vaccination by the year 1979. Many people died from this disease. “A violent kind of smallpox rages in Charles-Town that brings most of the businesses to a halt. However, several businesses fled to the country.” This quote is saying smallpox was bad at this time in Charles-Town, many families lost loved ones and lost homes due to businesses ending. Due to smallpox a lot of businesses got ruined and people died. “A great cloud seems at present to hang over this province”. The quote referenced that there was a bad contagious virus going around their community which ruined everything. The resources in Charles-Town was another reason settling was difficult. “It is remarkable for the diversity of its soil”. The meaning of this quote is that sometimes the clay was not in good condition for growing crops and that it was sandy with multiple colors. The soil was very important throughout Charles-Town. Especially for growing crops like indigo and rice. There was endless numbers of preys such as tigers ,wolves , and panthers. Charles-Town was difficult to settle due to the geography, resources, and disease. During this time it was very khaotic and very scary since there was a lot of things unknown and things that needed to be

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