Seventh Grade Retreat Research Paper

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Aidan Purtell
7G #25
Seventh Grade Retreat Yesterday, the seventh grade went on a retreat at the St. Agnes church in Pinedale, a small part of Fresno. The weather could not be more perfect. It was cool and misty outside, and room temperature inside. The retreat was lead by Father Sergio, who had come down from Sacramento to give the seventh and eighth grade retreats here in Fresno. The opening remark was “You get out of this retreat what you put into it.” and this point was very true. To experience this retreat fully, one has to be energized and ready to think, as that will yield what the retreat was capable of. A retreat is a very valuable experience. It is one of the few times that a person has the entire day to reflect on one’s relationship with God. It is something that must be taken advantage of, because it will not occur again for another year. The retreat alternated between a game/break, and then a presentation. Father Sergio did an excellent job of presenting. Firstly, the way the slideshow was set up was good: he put a minimal amount on the slides, and mostly presented, not read. In some instances, he would stay ten minutes on a single slide. He knew the material by heart, and explained it in a way that conveyed an understanding of it. It seemed as it it came from …show more content…

In this movie, the father and son love each other very much. The father is in charge of regulating the bridge so that boats can pass under it, and trains can pass over it. Unfortunately, the train does not see the red light, and continues to come to the bridge. The boy sees it and tries to pull the lever to close the bridge, but falls. The father has a choice - save the train or save his son. The father saves the train and is emotionally ruined. Later he realizes that the sacrifice was worth it. I think that the movie was well

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