Shirley Chisholm: The Black Woman's Role In Society

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Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to Congress. She became the first black woman to seek a major party nomination for the U.S. presidency. Chisholm helped place the African American culture in mainstream politics. In 1924, Chisholm spoke at the University of Missouri and emphasized a black woman's role in civil rights and the American culture. Chisholm describes the black women's role in American society as displaced and misunderstood. Chisholm utilizes cause and effect to describe the unfair perspectives others have on African American women in society. When Chisholm states “ Since time immemorial the black man’s emasculation resulted in the need of the black woman to assert herself in order to maintain some semblance of a family unit.” As a result of this historical circumstance, the “black woman has developed perseverance.” Chisholm creates the generalization that black women are known for taking care of their families, while the men fight the political and …show more content…

She first identifies the stereotype that “black women have to step back while her black man steps forward.” Chisholm creates a generalization others make about the role black women play in society. This statement creates a “scapegoating technique to prevent us from coming together as human beings.” Chisholm influence the black woman to look past the stereotypes others place on here and encourage the African American society to come together as a whole. Chisholm then switches to the strength black women provide to society when “utilizing their brain power and focus on issues in any movement that will redound to the benefit of their people…” Chisholm implies the black woman's talents and will-power to change their society for the better. She creates a tone of hope when she states black woman “focus on issues” when trying to change her role in contemporary

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