Short Story: The Little Knight

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We start with a shot of a kingdom giving us a setting and a time. We then go into the market place and see the towns people bustling around as a group of knights enter the scene. They are large and imposing, tough and scary looking. As they walk through we see some of the stalls including one belonging to a scruffy looking wizard surrounded by bubbling potions. The larger knights reach the competitors entrance to the jousting arena just as the guard is throwing out a smaller knight. The guard and the little knight start to argue, the guard warning him off trying to sneak in again and the smaller knight claiming he is just as much a knight as them, gesturing to the larger knights from before who are still lingering in the entrance. The guard and the other knight laugh. A knight decked out in shining black armor blocks sneers and tell him to get lost, the guard agrees and the small knight is forced to go away.

The small knight is used to being looked down upon for his stature. He does not let this fact bother him in his everyday life but when denied his dream of being a real knight it hits him hard. He believes he would be just as capable of winning a jousting match as any of the other larger knights and when he is not allowed to compete he retreats to a tavern to drown his sorrows. The wizard who had seen what happened decides to …show more content…

He turns to enter hoping to try his luck. As he passes through he looks to the guard who had denied him access earlier only for him to ignore him completely. Still on a high and brimming with confidence he enters the first jousting completion he can, only to find he is competing against the knight in black that had denied him entry to the completion in the first place. This is the happiest moment of his life so far, as he waits at the start line, the announcer calling his name and the crowd screaming and hollering he feels accepted and is on a complete

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