Short-Term Career Goal: A Career In Healthcare Administration

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Today, an estimated 100,000 people occupy health management positions at numerous organizational levels, from department head to chief executive officer (ACHE, n.d).

One of my goals is to be part of this fast growing population of healthcare management professionals.
Short-Term Career Goals include graduating from Kaplan University in April 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration. As I move into the final few classes just before I graduation. I will begin sending out my resume applying for various management positions where I can put into practice the lessons I have here at Kaplan and in this particular career field. I will apply for mid-level management positions to begin to transition into the civilian sector of …show more content…

The hospital administrator plays a pivotal a role in saving lives, without having to touch a patient. Being a HCA you may be tasked with managing a hospital, outpatient clinics, hospices or various treatment centers. In larger hospitals, you may work along side of many HCAs all with one common goal. In smaller facilities, you may be the only administrator overseeing the day-to-day operations. HCAs are charged with make the daily operations more efficient and see to it that adequate medical care if being administered to patients. Our HCA responsibilities are tremendous and on many occasions will require the assistance of your medical and support staff. We are also liaisons between Medical Staff, governing boards, department heads and most importantly the patients. HCA’s also integrate the activities of all departments so they function in sync with each other for many reasons. (Career:Hospital, …show more content…

Gain experience and knowledge needed for advancement – Put my all into my work. By working hard and showing initiative I can prove to my superiors that I will make a wonderful manager/administrator. Advance to position as a hospital administrator – Manage and supervise staff within the hospital all while maintaining professionalism and a good attitude.
Part II: Developmental Needs
Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration
The degree I have earned from Kaplan University will help me in my quest to become a hospital administrator by allowing to apply for positions that not only require a Bachelors degree but to positions that require a BS in Healthcare Administration. By having a Bachelors degree potential employers will take me more seriously because they will know that I have a fond interest in the healthcare industry and that I will be a valuable asset to their team.

This last fall I volunteered at the San Diego Charger’s Red Cross blood drive where I not only had a great time but I also met a lot of people in the health care field who will be

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