Should Jamba Juice Use Social Media

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Jamba Juice is a famous drink company such as a variety of drinks to produce by Jamba Juice. In 1990, Jamba Juice was established by Kirk Perron with his three friends in California. Before this company who made up a small drink club in San Luis Obispo. Furthermore, a lot of America drink companies was purchased by Jamba Juice. Due to the fact that Jamba Juice company development to fast. Moreover, Jamba Juice had lots of subsidiary company spread all over the world. As we all know, Jamba Juice to produce kind of drinks is extremely delicious that it is smoothie drink. Then, Jamba Juice company to produce many mixed up drinks such as juice and milk drinks, and juice add to some chocolate etc. in 2014 (Strenk, 2011).
Furthermore, Jamba Juice to use fresh fruit and vegetable to make up drinks. For the reason, that Jamba Juice gets the favorable comment by wide people. Certainly, Jamba Juice has a sustainable development …show more content…

In other words, we can understand more detail for Jamba Juice should be share real-time information, connect with sales website, advertise to different cultures background, and invite more famous celebrities for advertising. and entertainment propaganda. Due to the fact that these points contact with social media. Therefore, Jamba Juice company make to be use internet technology and communication technology.
Moreover, if Jamba Juice want to became an extremely famous drink company, it should be use social media. It is no doubt that Jamba Juice company will get more profits than other companies. In addition, Jamba Juice company produce to many new products, so consumers want to purchase it. Then, company managers use of social media combine with new products sales to customers. That’s an important. I think that Jamba Juice company may have a brighter

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