Should Pitbulls Be Allowed As Pets Essay

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Should Pit bulls be allowed as pets?

“Blame the deed not the breed” says pit bull owners or several people who are for the breed. Several pit bull owners are protesting year after year just so their dog does not get taken away from them or put down. People shouldn’t blame the breed just because of one dog’s action. Numerous Anti-Pit bull protesters believe the whole pit bull breed should be banished because of a few cases of pit bull attacks that have happened around them or their area. There are a considerable number of dog attacks from other breeds that attack just as much as pit bull’s do or even more. There is more than one breed of dog in this world that tends to get aggressive at times. The public only looks at the negative side to …show more content…

What dog would not fight back if another dog strikes at them? Pit bulls are very wonderful and affectionate unless another dog attacks them or they are taught to be mean by their owner.

Having a pit bull as a pet has an inconsiderable amount of down sides. There has been a minority of attacks toward children from the breed. There have been a few points in life that pit bull’s have “put others in danger”(“Should Pit Bull’s”). Neighbors of a pit bull owner and their children have been attacked by the breed in the past. Pit bulls are a very athletic dog and are able to jump a metal fences which is why some of the cases the attacks are towards the neighbors. Several people believe another reason a pit bull should be banned is the myth about how they have “a locking jaw”(“Hiding the Truth”). Even though many people think this myth is true, the only truth about their jaw part is really just another one of their magnificent features they have which is a super strong jaw that tricks people into believing it locks when the pit bull gets ahold of someone or something. Some pit bulls take advantage of their features and aggressiveness that have lead them to “have the highest propensity and frequency of any dog breed to be involved in a severe

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