Siddhartha Hero's Journey

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Siddhartha is a story about a man who is trying to find Nirvana. He learned religious teachings all his life, but he realizes that they will not aid him in his quest to find true peace, so he sets off on a grand adventure and comes across many obstacles along the way. He is tempted by lust and greed, hunger and, at one point, death. He grows as a person and, while he fails several times, finds his peace, his Self. His journey was long and hard, but in the end, he reached his goal. There is no denying that Siddhartha is in fact the hero of his story, following along the strict hero’s journey without missing a single point.

Siddhartha grew up a Brahmin’s son. He was well loved, very attractive, extremely perceptive, and, above all, intelligent. He looked at the world and questioned what he saw. He listened to the Brahmin’s teachings, but he never saw how they could help him find peace, when none of them have ever found it themselves. All he has ever wanted was to find peace, but on a warm day, he questioned …show more content…

Govinda, his closest friend since childhood, went with him because “his desire was to follow Siddhartha, the beloved, the magnificent...Govinda would follow him--as his friend, as his companion, as his servant, his spear bearer, his shadow (4-5)”. And so they left their old lives behind to become Samanas, together as friends. They trained together for three years, learning together, fasting together, and suffering together. Govinda was there to support Siddhartha throughout these horrid years. This is Siddhartha’s Supernatural Aid, however, Govinda is not supernatural in any way. Despite that, he always has a helping hand to lend to Siddhartha when he needs it most. He went with him to the Samanas, he watched over him while he slept by the river, and he was there when Siddhartha was all alone as an old ferryman. His dedication and love make up for his lack of supernatural powers and

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