Significance Of Diction In Macbeth

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Julia Zalewski

Ms. Heyen

14 March 2023

Honors World Literature/Period 1

Macbeth Soliloquy Throughout history and the world, power over others has become a common theme in rising rulers, but the complex state of mind that comes with it isn’t talked about enough. It takes sacrifice and powerful actions to achieve a high status in this world and this comes with mixed emotions and often wrongdoing to get there. In The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth has a contemplation where he recites a soliloquy on his doubts about murdering the King (1.7.1-29.) During the dinner, he ponders on the idea of being King but is reminded of the sin he would feel thereafter. At this moment he displays guilty and remorseful feelings reflected in impactful diction, irony, and complicated emotion. When people choose to push others down to lift themselves, then often they are overcome with guilt as a result. …show more content…

This shows his complex state of mind and the significance that diction makes throughout this soliloquy to help readers connect with the panic in this soliloquy. Macbeth realizes how impactful this event will be, “upon the sightless couriers of the air /shall blow the horrid deed in every eye /that tears shall drown the wind.” The murder of the good King would cause many people to be upset and overwhelmed by his death. By using key wording, the author is able to convey his message through characters and expand on Macbeth’s complex state of

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