Similarities Between Jekylll And Frankenstein

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Jekyll and Frankenstein bring out monsters that cause catastrophe in their own worlds. Both Dr Jekyll and Frankenstein explore the catastrophic results of overreaching. Shelly portrays the effects a negative environment can have on The Monster whilst Stevenson sates all humans must endure the battle of duality between good and evil. Jekyll and Victor’s intentions are well intended but are lost into the abyss of their prior motivations. The Monster proved that he had compassion whereas Hyde demonstrated pure evil. Both of these Gothic novels explore pertinent themes of humanity with contrasting points of view. Both Doctors explore the aspects of a dark side of science in search for an improved future for mankind. Dr Frankenstein seeks to create …show more content…

Jekyll says that “you can deaden your curiosity by mortifying it”, but it takes a stronger character with a stronger will to state that curiosity no matter what. Although Jekyll knows the consequences of his action by drinking the position he satisfies his curiosity. “It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it.” Victor Frankenstein creates the monster with a greed to prove to himself and mostly his counterparts that he is worthy of an evolutional doctor. He does not take his prior actions into account if the monster is made. He fails to interpret the feelings of the Monster. The Monsters lack of knowledge when brought into the world paired with his ability to learn proves the downfall of Dr Frankenstein. Both novels are examples of wealthy scientists exploring past their limitations resulting in horrific outcomes. In the form of and alter ego, Hyde spreads evil and proves the downfall of a highly respected doctor and his friends around him. Dr Frankenstein’s overambitious nature diminished his own chance of achieving evolutional discoveries. The Monster shows humbleness until he is turned on by his creator and his negative environment. The good side of Dr Jekyll is abolished by the powerful evil inside him. Each novel possess a powerful moral and contradicts ideas as well as relating

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