Slaughter House Five Ptsd

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In the book, Slaughter House Five, Billy Pilgrim is referred to as being “unstuck in time” but really he is just suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of the big reasons that we know Billy is suffering from PTSD is because he is constantly having nightmares. While he is traveling in the boxcar to the POW camp in Germany, none of the other prisoners want to fall asleep next to him because he would kick and cry in his sleep. Also, when Billy hears sirens outside in Chapter 3, he jumps and get flustered because he believes in his mind that World War III was being started which is a symptom of PTSD. When suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, victims relate sounds and feelings to what they heard and felt while they were suffering through their …show more content…

Billy experienced how he spent time in the hospital in the POW camp in Germany and talked about what he saw and felt while he was there. When suffering from PTSD, victims replay their exact experiences in their head over and over again because it is too hard to push the memory aside and forget. People may see Billy reliving his life experiences as being”unstuck in time” when really he isn’t experiencing those actions right then and there, he is having flashbacks of what he suffered through in the war. Being "unstuck in time” would be a good way to describe Billy Pilgrim if he hadn’t gone through the terrifying experiences in the war. In the book, Billy is described as never knowing what part of his life he was going to live next. For example, he never knew if he would be suffering in the POW camp in Germany, performing an eye examine on a child who recently lost his father in the war, or going on his honeymoon with his wife. By using those examples in the book, it made Billy seem like he really had no control of his time periods and was actually “unstuck in

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