Social Classes During The Middle Ages

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Daily Life of the Various Classes of People during the Middle Age
10-1 Linda Lim Moon Hee
Since the Middle Age had a status system, there were various classes of people living different daily life and had diverse duties. The classes during the Middle Age were kings, queens, princes, princesses, nobilities, Dukes, Barons, knights, peasants, merchants, freemen, serfs, slaves, clergy, popes, bishops, priests, monks, and craftsmen. There were plenty of social classes and they had all different roles.
Serfs were generally peasant farmers who provide labor services, pay rent, and be subjected to their lord’s control. Some parts of the lord’s land were for serfs to make their own foods. They usually worked for three days a week at the lord’s land. They paid rents by giving the lords a share of all the …show more content…

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