Social Isolation In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Humans were created to rule this world. They are the only living species that have qualities capable of developing a functional society. Communication plays a crucial role in their purpose. People are able to grow and develop relationships through communication. Many people involve marriage with their most intimate relationships. Marriage represents a union between two people who can trust each other; however, in today’s society more people suffer from social isolation in reaction to their partner’s failure.
Although society overflows with various ways to communicate, ironically many people feel like they have no one to confide in. In recent studies, the Washington Post proved, “more than double” of Americans felt isolated than surveyed in 1985 (Vedantam). In Shankar Vedantam’s article, “Social Isolation Grow in U.S., Study Says,” he distinguishes that 50% more people surveyed that their spouse is the only person they can trust compared to the survey of 1985. However, with divorce rates constantly increasing the newly divorced couples feel they have no one left to trust. Some people say …show more content…

In director Stuart Hackshaw’s film The Yellow Wallpaper, he captures Charlotte Gillman’s original, semi-autobiographical, short story about a character named Jane who cannot find solace in her husband John. In the film The Yellow Wallpaper, Jane faces social isolation and her husband, John, who is also her doctor. John tries to give her the best treatment. He assumed taking Jane to a place where she can be alone with her thoughts would help her but ironically Jane’s depression worsened. Jane was isolated in hopes to overcome her depression, but the cure she needed was interaction. Charlotte Gillman’s story was recorded in 1892; the character Jane represents herself as she suffered from physical and social isolation. Although her husband did what he thought was best for her, his lack of communication as a husband drove her into a deeper

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