Socrates Strengths

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Socrates born in Athens in (469-399 B.C.) was considered the greatest philosopher and notable critic of all fifth century, Socrates also fought fearlessly for the Athens. He was the founder of Western philosophy during the time in that era and of all time. I chose this particular philosopher because of his strengths in philosophy, Socrates had many eccentric ideas of how to expand his mind to think. He challenged his thought process and strived to find ways to get others to do the same. Socrates also stood by his words of, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” which is his eyes meant, if a person took the time to understand the goodness around them, and experience their personal growth of life and nature they would be able to …show more content…

Socrates felt this was absurd, ironically he went into the challenge of offering his teachings to all who would listen. The best part was Socrates could hardly ever answer questions that were asked of him, but people thought he was amazing, and that he was. Why? Because instead of having anyone asking him questions he could not answer, he spent much of his time querying village people and getting them to use their thinking skills in a whole different light. He asked, “what is the meaning of love?” This method of using questioning” logic and reason” to get the answers he was looking for was the Socrates Method. The principle idea of his method wasto get a group of people together and discuss ideas, often people who were too busy to answer Socrates would get annoyed even angry and go after him. People of Athens also turned against Socrates for feeling he “corrupted” their youth, under the Athenian law jurors found Socrates guily and offered his sentence of his own judgement by drinking a poison hemlock. Some still debate if Socrates was put to death or

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