Sowbug Lab Report

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Introduction- We did an experiment about different types of movements called kinesis and taxis. Kinesis is the change in the speed of movement or the rate of turning which is intensified by a stimulus (Meyer, 2006). Taxis is movement towards or away from a stimulus (Meyer, 2006). We did our experiment using Sowbugs. Sowbugs are also called common rough woodlice. They are ectothermic and elliptical-shaped bodies that are heavily plated with different colors such as grey, deep blue, orange, and albino (Riggio, 2013). Methods- Watch four sowbugs in a 5 tray for four five minutes. We used the focus method to complete the ethogram. Step 1 Results This graph represents the total of movements of 4 Sowbugs did in twenty minutes. The most movement are walking around edge, turn around, climbed, sniffing, and walk across. The least movements were climb on, ride, and …show more content…

Results- This graph shows the amount of time spent in the these areas. This tiny sowbug did much of its time in the light portion of this experiment. The tiny sowbug did the most traveling back and forth from the light and dark areas of the trays. This graph shows the amount of time spent in the areas of light and dark. Just like the tiny sowbug the small one spent most of its time in the light area. The small sowbug was less concerned about being in the dark. Discussion- My hypothesis was not completely supported by the data. Yes sometimes the sowbugs did go into the dark area. They spent most of their time away from the dark area. If they got close to the edge of the dark area they would run away from it. We also noticed that the tiny one was riding on the back of the small sowbug when it went into the dark area. I guess even sowbugs need a buddy when they are frightened. The tiny sowbug was more curious to go into the dark area than the small sowbug. All together they spent the same amount of time in the light

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