Sugar Cubes Lab

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In this lab we used mechanical weathering to shake up sugar cubes inside of a mason jar. To complete the lab we needed to shake for 3 minutes to see how the mechanical weathering actually works. The sugar cubes represented the rocks and minerals. We used sugar cubes because they have a mass less than other rocks and minerals. I thought as we shook the cube it would just crumble into little bits. As we shook the first cube for 3 minutes, the mass decreased from 2.35g to 1.42g. During test 2, we shook and received a 1.64g, after the starting total of 4.7g. For the final mass we got 1.99g, a total of 5.06g grams turned into sugar dust. Our graph was almost a straight line. On trial 1, i believe we didn 't shake it as hard as we did of

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