Summary Of ¨suzy And Leah By Jane Yolen

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In ¨Suzy and Leah¨ by Jane Yolen. This story is about two girls who write in their own diaries everyday about almost the identical things. There relationship was a little malicious when they first met. The refugees got brought america to be saved by the Germans. After they read each other's diaries they got to know each other's perspective. Also got to know each other by being partners in school. Leah is a refugee from Germany who moved to America when the war is still going on in 1944. Suzy was a school girl, went to the same school as the refugees are and trying to help Leah learn english. One thing Leah did not comprehend why Suzy got the name she had. Suzy was the reason she got her name. Suzy said, ¨For a book my mom liked¨ ( Yolen September 20, 1944, sentence three). Suzy also thought Leah´s name was weird compared to the ones she normally heard. Leah got her name because it was her grandmother's name, she was a respectable woman in Germany. Also, Leah thought Suzy was treating her like a dog trying to feed her. . ¨But how can I be Grateful? She treats me like a pet, a pet she does not really like or trust.(Yolen September 20,1944, sentences 10-11 ). Suzy thought she was being nice bring her food …show more content…

Because she was too afraid to tell anyone about her excruciating pain due to if you were sick in the concentration camp you would be killed. While Leah was in the hospital rehabilitating, Suzy came to visit her and brought her some more clothes because her other dress was getting too small. When Suzy got there, she read Leah´s diary and found out what Leah thought of her and why she was acting strange. After Suzy was done, reading Leah's diary, she went to Leah and gave her diary to Leah and let her read it. After she finished reading Suzy´s diary Leah knew where is was coming from bring her food and

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