Summary Of A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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The book I’ve been reading is A Child Called “It,” by Dave Pelzer. Now that I’m further in this story, that’s based on a true story, it gives more detail what Dave was put through and it makes me sad just reading it. Words can’t describe the times he was put through and he will always have those horrid memories. Nothing will change the way he will think about his father and mother, neither of them cared for him, even though his father acted like he did. But he managed never to do anything about what was happening to his son. Dave tries to get stronger by the day, but it’s very difficult to do that when you have a mom like he does. I found the relationship between Dave and his father very interesting. At the beginning his father cared for him like no other and even by the middle of the story, Dave doesn’t know who his dad is anymore and it breaks his heart. He always looked up to his father, but now he doesn’t want anything to do with him. “I looked up at father, trying to call out to im. My thoughts were clear, but no sound escaped from my …show more content…

No kid, adult, even an animal should ever have to go through this. He has lost his strength and dignity and doesn’t know how to handle this anymore. He tries to fight back and beg, but it doesn’t work. It just keeps getting worse and worse and no one still hasn’t done anything to try and end this. He gets teased everyday, gets in trouble by teachers because he’s so hungry and steals food from other kids because he’s so desperate. All Dave wants is someone to love him like his mom used to.
All in all, Dave’s relationship with his father changes dramatically throughout this story and how he was treated by his mother gets worse by the day. Dave is petrified of his own mom and nothing will change that. Dave can’t handle it anymore and has tried everything but nothing is seeming to happen. No child should ever have to be put through this. Kids deserve to have a family to love and care for

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