Summary Of Blueprint For Negro Writing By Richard Wright

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The Harlem Renaissance was a development period that took place in Harlem, New York. The Renaissance lasted from 1910 to about the mid-1930s, this period is considered a golden age in African American culture. This Renaissance brought about masterful pieces of music, literature, art, and stage performance. The Harlem Renaissance brought about many prominent black writers such as Richard Wright. Richard Wright is a highly acclaimed writer, who stressed the importance of reading, writing, and words. Wright is best known for a lot of exceptional pieces of literature such as “Blueprint for Negro Writing” which is somewhat of a declaration of independence from Harlem Renaissance writers. Richard Wright was born 1908 on a plantation near Mississippi. Wright personified the classic American dream. He went from being deprived intellectually and in poverty to a figure stone in literature. It was Wright’s childhood that shaped his dream for getting an education. While succeeding in education Wright became obsessed with bringing down Jim Crow laws. In “Blueprint for Negro Writing” Wright condemns Negro writers. Wright feels that these writers are pandering to whites, instead of building to a life that’s worth living for all Black Americans. Wright has 10 points talking about Negro writing, Wright discusses the reason and cause for it, why and how it was created, expressing the importance of writing, and how writers look at writing. The first point discussed the role of Negro

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