Summary Of Coming Of Age In Mississippi By Anne Moody

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The autobiography “Coming of age in Mississippi” by Anne Moody, take place in the spring of 1963 in Mississippi. During this time, Anne Moody was a student at Natchez College, it was her final year there. But because of some credit problem, she was not able to graduate. She wasn’t mad about not graduating instead she was happy because had an excuse to stay on the campus for the summer and work with the movement. On campus Moody was involved in a organization called NAACP. In the organization Moody was the most faithful canvassers. John Salter, who was in charge of the NAACP asked Moody to go to the sit-in at woolworth’s lunch counter. At the sit-in thing did not go really well. When Moody and her friends got there , and sat a table and ask

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