Emily Dickinson Poetry Analysis Essay

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The poem that stood out the most while reading this assortment of Emily Dickinson poems, was her poem numbered 656/520. This poem used imagery in numerous ways throughout in order to show the audience the important themes and the overall meaning of this work of literature. The poem’s main theme was about a walk on the beach that the poet encountered in the early morning. Although the poem is about a beach it can also give the audience contextual clues into other aspects of life. The first stanza of this particular Dickinson poem helps to set the on going theme for the rest of the poem. The theme of course for this particular poem is about the sea and early morning walk that Dickinson had with her dog. The opening stanza of the poem reads, “I started Early- Took my Dog -/And visited the Sea -/The Mermaids in the Basement / Came out to look at me” (I. 1-4). From this passage the audience can presume that Dickinson has taken her pet dog for a walk on the beach in the early morning hours, and that on the walk she may have encountered beautiful sea creatures that looked up at her. Within this passage Dickinson is talking …show more content…

Dickinson writes, “Presuming Me to be a Mouse -/Aground – opon the Sands -/ But no Man moved Me – till the Tide / Went past my simple Shoe” (II-III. 9-10). The audience can infer that Dickinson believes and feels that she only amounts to a small and insignificant portion of the world. That Dickinson only sees herself as a sand speck among the many beaches of the world. As audience members one can truly relate to this as most of us feel that we get lost amongst the crowds, and that we don’t stand out as individuals. The second part of this quote is referring to Dickinson’s love life possibly. In that no man even looked her way or noticed her until it was to late and she was no longer a dating

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