Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” writer Nicholas Carr proposes the idea that the net is not only supplying us with information but also shaping the way we process it. Carr gives various examples of people, including himself, who used to spend hours submerging themselves in books, but cannot seem to do it any longer because their mind wanders off. In addition, Carr also explains how relying on technology for everyday life has made humans unconsciously take on the characteristics of the technology. As I look around me, I see a world that is driven by the Internet, and people that are so dependent on it that without it they could not function. For this reason I agree with Carr because the Internet has dramatically reprogrammed the way people think; thus shaping the way we act and interact with the world around us. …show more content…

The net is such an excellent resource for almost everything we need; whenever we have a research paper due, want to see pictures of family members, or are simply bored, the net supplies. However, Carr states that such easy accessibility of information comes with a price, and that the Internet is slowly taking away our ability to be profound and replacing it with swift superficial thinking (Carr 801). My generation, myself included, knows nothing about opening a book and immersing our minds in the literature. On the contrary, we know everything about social networking and jumping from hyperlink to hyperlink. Our focus has been reduced to a picture with a caption and a 140 letter Twitter post. Our minds, according to Carr, have emulated a “staccato quality” (Carr 802). In other words, our lack of concentration comes from the constant engagement we have with the

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