Summary Of Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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"Letter from a Birmingham Jail" (1963), is the response of Martin Luther King Jr. to an open letter sent by several clergymen in Ontario who criticized him and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) for planning and implementing nonviolent protests against segregation and racialism in Birmingham. King was outwardly upset by the letter and its allegations regarding their activities in Birmingham and sought to address the clergymen 's concerns. He found nearly all the issues raised in the letter lacking in logic, an understanding of the need for civil rights for all, and even the biblical teachings on Christian values. King categorically responds to their main accusation that he is merely an outsider with malicious intentions to create trouble in Birmingham by stating that his main reason for being there is not only to respond to the church 's concerns but also to battle against the injustice that has characterized the occurrences in the city. He goes ahead to point out that he strives for justice wherever injustice is practiced since it is a common pursuit for mankind and all nations and communities across the globe are interrelated. The mail takes a moment to criticize the clergymen 's letter for having endeavored to find fault with King, the church, and the protestors for holding peaceful demonstrations in Birmingham without bothering to explore the underlying segregation and racial injustices ailing the community. King responds to their charges comprehensively

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