Summary Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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The Letter From Birmingham Jail was written on April 16,1963 by Martin Luther King Jr. in response to being sent to jail after a protest. The letter addresses to the clergyman and explains his reasoning for the protest as well as why he is in jail. Him and his people protested in order to gain attetion which would lead to fair negotiations. He claimed to have gone to jail to fight injustice. He also speaks of his thoughts in segragation and what a just and unjust law is. He states that segragation is an act of injustice as well as an unjust law. He then speaks of his disappointment in his fellow white moderates as well as the churches who he thought were on his side. I believe his idea of just and unjust laws and segragation being an unjust law is right. I also agree with his reasoning for his protest and his belief that action was need to reach fair …show more content…

I again agree with this belief because his pure negotiations haven't gained him any rights and there were many cases where protests have gained the attention they wanted. Negro leaders have negotiated with the city but was always left to become victims to the lies of the unwilling side. It takes two to make a bargin, and with the whites unwilling to change there is no point in negotiating . Luther believed that in order for the whites to cooperate they must be apply pressure and put them to crisises that will force the unwilling parties to negotiate in good faith. By taking action it creates a situation where it can no longer be ignored and it forces the hand of the unwilling group. He supports this by referring to Socrates and how he thought it was nessary to create tension. I agree with this because these action have shown results as shown in the sit-down movement and the montgomery bus boycott. Both of these protest have led sucessful results as they both sparked national interest which begin the Civil Right

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