Summary Of Letter From Birmingham Jail By Martin Luther King Jr

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Leader of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., in his letter, known as the “letter from Birmingham Jail,” responds to the letter in Post-Herald, published by the eight clergymen criticizing his presence and strategies in the protests he has lead against segregation by practicing the Gandhian doctrine of nonviolent resistance. Throughout his letter he uses strong appeals of authority, logos and syntax to respond to the clergymen. To begin with, Martin Luther King Jr. begins his contradictions to the letter in Post-Herald by addressing his opposition argument and acknowledging that he stands “in the middle of two opposing forces in the Negro community.”. He appeals to logic that both sides are being oppressed and “drained of self-respect” for years, in contrast, one side has become “insensitive to the problem” of segregation due to profits, academic and economic securities as the other side has become bitter and “close to advocating violence”. He purpose to indicate this is to clarify to the clergymen that his decisions are made in the best way possible for both sides. This helps make his decisions logical. In addition, he addresses his nonviolent strategy as a thought of God “though influence of the Negro church” which is a trustworthy source contrary …show more content…

uses strong syntax to excuse the American Negro of the “yearning for freedom”. In the most virtuous manner the black brothers are “moving with a sense of great urgency towards the promised land” that God had planned. Keeping in mind all the “pent-up resentments and frustrations” the negro has within “he must release” these expressions, and Martin Luther King Jr. suggested it to be through Gandhian doctrine, if he had not suggested this “they will seek expression through violence” as this is “a fact of history”. By letting the clergymen be aware of the being of the negros and how they have decided to direct their emotions it should make it clear it is the best

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