Summary Of Saira Shah's 'Longing To Belong'

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In the short story Longing to Belong written by Saira Shah she explains to us that she has never really felt like part of her culture. Growing up in Britain she was never really exposed to her family’s culture, which was Afghan. She felt that in order to fit in she must allow her family to arrange a marriage for her. After sitting through her cousins wedding she realized that she was not ready to be married at her age let alone the marriage be arranged by people she did not know very well. She noticed that while the groom was allowed to laugh and converse with others, the bride was to sit in silence. The trip to Pakistan truly helped her find herself, and she was not Afghan on the inside. I Have a Dream Summary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spoke with determination to end a world filled with hate. He speaks of a dream that one day all races can live happily together in peace, once and for all. Although the Negros were technically declared their freedom with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation over 1oo years ago, they still are not free. They still are fighting for their freedom, and they will not give up until they have it. He …show more content…

With that being said King was one of the most influential speakers regarding segregation in the 1950s and 60s. When it comes to diversity he feels very strongly about freedom, he believes that it is time to obey the signing of the Proclamation Emancipation and give the Negros their freedom. Simply saying that Martin Luther King’s speech teaches readers more about diversity compared to a story written by Saira Shah named Longing to Belong would be an understatement. Shah writes about her longingness to belong within her family’s Afghan culture that she grew up without. He is discussing the Negro society as a whole and she is discussing her individual

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