Summary Of The Screwtape Letters By C. S. Lewis

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C. S. Lewis takes an interesting stand point in this book. He takes what a normal Christian would usually think and twists it into a full 180 degrees. Not only does C. S. Lewis challenge Christians to take a different view of the spiritual battle taking place within the lives of every person but Lewis also causes their face to possibly grow. There are five main viewpoints that will be discussed and examined throughout this essay; Anthropology, Bibliology, Theology, Christology, and Soteriology. The definition for Anthropology is “the study of human societies and cultures and their development.” In The Screwtape Letters C.S. Lewis depicts the average human life and a person’s interactions in an extremely unique way. C.S. Lewis made sure …show more content…

C.S. Lewis took the normal point of view of life that Christians hold and flipped completely on its head. The entirety of The Screwtape Letter is about Wormwood and Screwtape’s discussion and their letters back and forth from each other. Some examples of this would be when Screwtape refers to Jesus Christ and God as “The Enemy” and refers to Satan as “Our Father”. C.S. Lewis delves into the evil aspect of the Spiritual war that is ongoing. He delves into the kind of tactics that Satan might use and turns this book into an incredible lesson on the strategy of Satan and his demons. At first glance, one might ask what use there would be in reading this book. However, the advantages that any person can glean from this lesson are so enormous that it can change the very way that Christians view the faith. Christians should be encouraged to read The Screwtape Letters because it provides a new, refreshing view about Satan and the Spiritual war that is being …show more content…

As previously stated, C.S. Lewis created a masterpiece that was written from a different viewpoint. C.S. Lewis wrote this book from a Christian viewpoint and made sure that his audience would be challenged in the natural Christian faith and would be forced to think deeply about what they really believe and why. Many people will ask why knowing the enemy would be a good thing. However, knowing the enemy is one of the best courses of actions that a Christian can take, because the Bible talks much about Satan and his evil deeds and Jesus even talks more about Hell than He ever did Heaven. From these facts it is obvious that knowing your enemy is just as important as knowing your Lord and

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