Summary Of Time Enough For Drum By Ann Rinaldi

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In the book, Time Enough For Drums, by Ann Rinaldi, there is a character, Jemima Emerson and she will show that there can be many character traits for just one person. Jemima Emerson shows a lot of courage throughout the story. She shows how your life can change from being good to bad in just one day. Example, her father has died and her loved ones have gone away. To overcome this statement, Jemima is a romantic , strong, and secretive person. Jemima is an romantic kind of person through the story. To begin with, she loved to read romantic books. “ Tom Jones! Romantic nonsense, Whose is this?” ( Rinaldi 90) This means John Reid, Jemima's tutor, at the moment , does not like her to read romantic books but focus on her other

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