Symbolism In The Wizard Of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz “There is no place like home” is the memorable quote from the movie Wizard of Oz. The catchy quote is certainly not the only thing we can learn from analyzing this movie. The Wizard of Oz is very real. Many fictional scenes reflect lessons that are relevant to real life. When Dorothy is blown out from her home town Kansas and into Oz, the fade color in Kansas changes to multicolor in Oz. The reality blown to fantasy by using color as a symbol. The background music from the beginning “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” shows Dorothy’s thinking to go somewhere by color curving of the Rainbow. This implies her unhappiness with her situation and desire to move far away. Instead of the rainbow, tornado brings her to some fantasy place of Oz. Whom does Dorothy meet in Oz? Good and Bad presented by Glinda Witch of the North and Wicked Witch of the West. Let us think about the part of people at a subconscious level, we have both parts in ourselves. The costume of each character is shown very obviously in the scene when Dorothy met them. For Glinda Witch of the North, her costume looks white pretty brighten and she looks like an angel. For Wicked Witch of the West, her costume is green-representing bad thing- ugly and a look of a bad guy. In Oz Dorothy meet some fantasy characters: Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion and finally the Wizard of Oz. Each character present the inner of mankind. That shows reality and fantasy throughout the course of the movie by each

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