Tara Siegel Bernard Gender Pay Gap

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This essay expresses the opinion of Tara Siegel Bernard on behalf of the existence of the gender pay gap and focuses on it being a primary issue in the workplaces of major companies. The essay goes on to discuss how our society expects women and men to both behave in particular ways and how that idea has contributed to the ever present pay gap, such as how “. . . the imbalance often traces back to women being hired at a lower salary than their male peers” and “. . . women are less inclined to ask for raises. . .” Pointing out the possible reasons for the gender pay gap helps to establish the need for companies and our country’s leaders to find solutions. Bernard also focuses on the number of women in top or executive positions, which …show more content…

Miller relies greatly upon allusions to past failures in the passing of the equal pay bill, the analysis of different occupations, and logos and ethos introduced by Claudia Goldin to create a comprehensive argument. Past events often shape how we respond to current issues and events, including the gender pay gap. Allusions to past movements for or against the equal pay bill and to the beliefs of government organizations, primarily opposing the bill displays that help is needed to push the cause for women. This allusion also makes use of pathos, which causes women to feel sympathy or passion towards the cause. Making connections between different parts of our lives creates for deeper and more meaningful emotions to arise because this concept initiates the use of pathos. Examples provided throughout the analysis of the gender wage gap among different occupations including- pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, and financial specialists, create for a real world application of the issue and brings the situation home for many people, therefore helping them to create meaningful connections. The use of credible sources in an essay makes a substantial difference, as it did in this essay by cementing and supporting critical ideas. The use of a credible source such as, Claudia Goldin, a Harvard University labor economist, to explain data, trends, background information, and to provide the ability to strongly counter other arguments was essential in the establishment of ethos and logos throughout this essay. The use of a credible source created a sense of trust between the audience and the reader, therefore leading to a strong argument created by Miller. With the help of Goldin, Miller established a strong central argument for the pay gap being connected to gender and takes a strong stance that does not back down, thanks to the allusions to

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