Tci/531 Week 3 Subcultures

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Specifically, what did the assessment identify as the "Now" and "Preferred" cultures of your organization? In the TCI/ROOD organization I found these attributes to be evident. I used the survey on 10 people and these are the results as they relate to the “Now” and Preferred cultures. I might add that in this exercise we were able to identify three subcultures that are being evaluated for possible action. The ownership of TCI/ROOD has discovered the culture they are living is not consistent to the desired culture for the organization. In the Dominate Characteristics we found a separation of what is occurring compared to what is desired. (Dominate Characteristics Now 33.33 Preferred 37.50) TCI/ROOD ownership found that despite their efforts to make …show more content…

We see this in the next section organizational leadership has developed unseen subcultures that counter act the team mentality. (Organizational Leadership Now 11.67 Preferred 39.17) The desire of the ownership does not seem to be resonating with the leadership of each department. The ownership treats the leadership team as a team, however, the leadership team treats the crews as family, allow me to show the difference. Team, is the element that focused on top tier thinking, hiring the best and firing the rest. A family culture allows for a certain amount of failure to occur before discipline or corrective action is taken. This introduces us to the next portion of the survey, Management of Employees Now 39.17 Preferred 10.83. The level of “Now” verses “Preferred” is quite drastic. As the portion of the culture that holds things together TCI/ROOD has some work in the place of Organizational Glue Now 15.83

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