Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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The novel, Fahrenheit 451, shows a futuristic, dystopian society that is imagined by the author, Ray Bradbury. As the novel is shown through the eyes of a fireman Guy Montag, the audience also can tell that there are trends that are almost the same as the ones in today’s, current society. These most important trends out of the existing ones in the book are the depreciation of human life, how technology is affecting many relationships, and how people are not being able to think on their own. The devaluation of human life is constantly being shown throughout the novel as well as in today’s society. In the novel, most of the teenagers do not understand how valuable life is. They don’t care how fast they’re going, or if they accidentally ran someone …show more content…

But that was a long time ago when they had things different. They believed in responsibility, my uncle says" (14). Clarisse explains how there was once upon a time where children had actually valued life. In the same way, teenagers in the current society do not value life. They do not value what they have. Over the years, society has lost empathy, and now they are not able to understand what each other's feelings are. This is how technology is affecting many relationships. Fahrenheit 451 shows many ways of how technology affects relationships. The main character, Montag is distanced from his wife, Mildred because of their three TVs. Mildred continuously watches TV every day and even refers back to the TV’s as her family. Another device the Mildred uses which distances herself from Montag are seashells. In F451, the seashells are used as headphones, which are supposed to soothe people, but in reality, they take away the ability to have a one on one conversation. “ ‘Will you turn the parlour off?’ he asked. ‘That's my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man?’ ‘I'll turn it down.’
She went out of the room and did nothing to the parlour and came back” …show more content…

According to them, they do not have enough time to think, or be a pedestrian, otherwise, they will get run over, in the case of driving. They seem as if they would like to get things done and over with, without taking the time to look it over. "Oh, just my mother and father and uncle sitting around, talking. It's like being a pedestrian, only rarer. My uncle was arrested another time-did I tell you?-for being a pedestrian. Oh, we're most peculiar" (4). The society arrests people if they are even considered as a pedestrian. This shows how lazy the people are. In today’s society, people do not think things over, as they would like to finish things quickly. Thanks to the new technology that is available to them, they are trying to take shortcuts instead of doing it the right

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