Television In The 1950's

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Television wasn’t a product that was owned by the public until the 1950s, the essential technology was created earlier in the century. John Logie Baird started constructing a functional television shortly after the World War I in the South Coast of England. In 1924, he finally made progress when he transmitted a flickering image across the space of several feet, then in 1925, he created the first real television picture in grayscale, with the use of a ventriloquist 's dummy and then a human face. The TV was brought into the eyes of many people in 1926, when John Logie Baird presented the device in presence of 50 scientists. John’s main goal was to provide a new source of entertainment which can help bring families together. His studies in engineering acted as a catalyst to what seemed to be an impossible invention.
This was a simple television which displayed silhouette images- with a bright light shining through a spinning Nipkow disk and a set where the light passed through. During the 1950’s television spurred a great deal of excitement in the public by the new form of family entertainment. Also, …show more content…

Television showed the public how to react if a crisis occurs. Next, American tv shows started to gear told the fear of communism. Cold War propaganda reached its heights in the 1950s and 1960s, with concerted attempts to demonise communism while praising the virtues of capitalism and democracy. Pro-American values were promoted in film, television, music, literature and art. Television impacted the American society as it was a vital invention during the power struggle between the US and Soviet Union. People relied on the television news in the fight against communism. People felt that it was essential to have a television set during this period to receive live updates about the cold war, brought families together, and created new

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